This class takes its influence from gymnastics, tumbling, martial arts, and parkour.

Learn confidence, self-discipline, and motivation while perfecting balance, developing strength & conditioning, and of course having fun!

We use customized equipment catered directly to a one-of-a-kind curriculum that maintains the perfect balance between safety and fun, and with our carefully crafted curriculum and expertly trained staff.

Students can progress in rank and do not participate in competition.

Classes are offered for students age 4 to 13 and run year-round and students can start at any time.  

Uniform purchase is required.

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Mr. Chris Martinez is a third degree blackbelt who has been part of The Brick family from close to the very beginning. He brings many years of martial arts experience, fighting ability, and physical fitness knowledge to the job. He primarily teaches our age 10 and younger students, along with our Ninja Trix class. He also teaches adult fitness at The Brick.