Cage Kickboxing– This high intensity class will teach you real fighting technique while incorporating strength and cardio for a total workout. Taught by Chris Martinez.

Core Strength – This low to moderate intensity focuses on building strength in the very important core muscles, necessary for lifelong fitness. Taught by Jennifer West.

Lean & Mean– This low to moderate intensity total body workout is designed to improve both strength and flexibility. Using light weights, body weight exercise, and other great tools, you will burn fat, improve posture, and create long lean muscles. Taught by Jennifer West.

Strength, Tone & Stretch– This low to moderate intensity class creates strength, balance, and endurance using easy to follow routines that incorporate hand weights, body weight, floor exercise, cardio, and so much more, this class will get you moving towards total body fitness. Finishes with stretching. Taught by Jennifer West.

8 Station– The 8 Station Workout is a fitness program that highlights strength training, cardiovascular training, and functional movements, with an emphasis on kickboxing moves, in both an interval and circuit training environment. It is a full body workout in only 30 minutes We’ll have the workout and equipment already set up for you, so come when it’s convenient. A trainer will be on hand to guide you, but you set your own pace. Stations run on a 3-minute rotation. Guided by Chris Martinez.

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Chris Martinez has extensive training in fitness and martial arts. He is a personal trainer, weightlifting coach, and fighting instructor, as well as a third degree black belt in martial arts. He brings this combination of knowledge and experience into his fitness classes, leading Cage Kickboxing and 8 Station Fitness.

Jennifer West finds loves leading her low to medium impact classes at The Brick. She has been a fitness instructor for 8 years. Her classes are fun and creative, and great for those looking for a good low impact workout.