Afternoon Program girls having fun!

What does it mean to send your child to The Brick after school? It could mean a positive difference in your child from day one.

We are not a daycare. We are not a babysitter. We are first and foremost a martial arts school, tumbling school, fitness center and kids program. We are The Brick and we are helping to build kids strong.

We are not just a place to go for your child to kill time after school is out. We offer activities that provide structure, teach discipline, and build confidence, as well as create athleticism and fitness in your child while instilling the necessary character traits they need to succeed in life. At The Brick, your child will become a member of a program, whether it’s Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwon, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Tumbling. They will learn skills and techniques that will build them up as athletes, create confidence, teach self discipline, and so much more.

Sending your child to The Brick is sending them into a close knit, supportive family that will lift them up and make them stronger – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Afternoons at the Brick offers so many great benefits for your child:

  • While in our program, children receive a healthy snack, time allowed for homework, martial arts classes, tumbling and/or kids fitness classes, structured activities outside of class, unstructured play time, and caring and responsible adult leaders – all in a safe environment.
  • Today’s public school children only get 15 minutes of playground time each day and one or two days of Physical Education.  That is not enough.  They need more.  Afternoon program kids will get at least 30 minutes per day of classes and plenty of time to play.
  • Our martial arts classes offer many benefits to children of all ages, both boys and girls. Our five foundations are discipline, honor, humility, confidence, and respect. Kids will learn these important character traits while also improving coordination, athleticism, endurance, and strength. They learn to think on their feet, tend to do better in school, improve behavior, become more confident, increase focus, and seldom fall prey to bullies or become bullies themselves. Students will have the ability to earn rank and compete in national and international tournaments, and become nationally ranked. Martial arts students do consistently better in other sports because of the strength and skill they gain in class.
  • Our tumbling students will gain strength, coordination, self-control and learn tumbling technique (not gymnastics). They will have the ability to gain level and advance skills. Tumbling is a full body sport, which makes kids better in other sports and dancing.
  • Our AWESOME Tree House Playground!

    Our AWESOME Tree House Playground!

    Our kids fitness classes give kids a chance to be active after school in a fun environment.  They will learn to listen to their bodies and gain strength and endurance, and as their physical condition improves, so will their success in sports, school, and at home.

  • At The Brick, children are held accountable for their behavior and the way they treat others. They are required to show their instructors and leaders respect. They must be responsible for their personal belongings. They must be prepared for homework time with everything they need to complete it.
  • At The Brick, school comes first. Children must keep up their grades and behavior in order to participate in the classes and other activities. We expect a lot out of our kids, and we expect our parents to expect a lot out of them too. We hold the bar high. And guess what: they rise to meet it.

Most of all, afternoon program kids become a part of The Brick family. At The Brick, we strive to always support each other and work hard to better ourselves; we are strong, we are always growing, we are successful, and we know you will be too. 



Registration Dates/Deadlines: Registration IS GOING ON NOW! To register, please read the Program Information by clicking the link above. New members MUST register in person; returning/current members may call or email to hold their spot. All paperwork/payments are due by August 5th.