Welcome to our Program Classes with After School Pick-Up!This is our 10thyear offering an after school pick-up program to our community. We are excited and fortunate to continue to offer this program for the 2020-2021 school year.

What is the Pick-Up Program (PUP)? It’s not childcare or an after school program. While our program operates in similar fashion as an after school program, it is not the same. When you enroll in our PUP at The Brick, you are enrolling as a student of martial arts or gymnastics, with attendance made convenient for working parents because we pick students up and keep them every afternoon. This program is open to kids Kindergarten – 5thgrade (we have a separate program for middle school kids; get in touch with us if you are interested).

This program is unlike any other. The benefits of our program occur because of the holistic experience of being a member of The Brick: the classes, the care when they are here, the behavior expectations, and the character building. This is true whether you are enrolled as a student, a camper, or in our PUP, because our values run deeply through everything we do.

What do other parents have to say about The Brick? 

“You guys are life givers to the next generation and their time with you is and will forever be a life marker. As a parent, I am thankful for your unrelenting creativity and strategic focus during these times. The investment that you make into our children is worth much more than the payment for classes.” – Mother of long-time martial arts student.

“Our family could not be more pleased and happy with how you guys have been handling everything in this time of so many unknowns. [My daughter] wakes up every morning excited for camp, and for that, I know she is safe and well taken care of during the day. Thank you again for doing everything in your power to stay open and follow guidelines to give our kids a sense of normalcy this summer.” – Mother of a 2020 summer camper.

“Y’all are doing a great job and you are providing an invaluable service to us as parents and to our community.  I have no idea what I’d do without you, but I do know that my service to our community [as a front line worker] would be impossible without your service and support. Please know you are appreciated. [My son] is having a great time and he speaks so enthusiastically about your program.” – Father of a 2020 summer camper.

We have successfully run safe summer camps through this pandemic, maintaining state guidelines and following CDC recommendations.We have done everything we can to reduce risk and spread in our program. While we can’t guarantee anything when it comes to this sneaky virus, we are confident in our continued commitment to safety through the upcoming school year.

This program GUARANTEES all-day camp for your child if schools close. As a member of the PUP, if school is cancelled due to COVID-19, your child will have a safe place to go.We will immediately switch to an all day camp as long as the need is there, which will include classes, time for school work, plenty of physical activity, fun with friends, and a safe environment in which to do it all.Parents will not have to worry about missing work because we will be prepared for camp the very next school day. As a PUP member, you will have priority enrollment, along with a discounted rate based on your membership fee, and you will not have to sign up to secure your spot. We will do all of that for you.

With the uncertainty facing all of us this school year, it’s important that we can be here for you in any event.We are committed to providing a safe environment for our members no matter what this school year brings. In order for us to make that commitment to you, we need our PUP members to make a commitment to us. In these uncertain times, we are requiring a 12 month commitment from August 2020 through July 2021 (see details below). As a thank you for your commitment, you will receive some great perks, including two FREE weeks of 2021 summer camp!

This is a full year commitment to a program membership. As a member family, we expect a commitment from students and parents to attend classes year-round, not just when school is in session. We have classes during many school breaks and through the summer, and we want our students there. We don’t want learning to suffer just because school isn’t in session. 

Payment details (returning members, take note):

The membership fee will be divided into 12 equal payments based on the rate you choose. (If you choose to pay in full you will make three payments 30 days apart to fulfill your one year commitment.)

What is included?

  • Twelve (12) months of a program membership of your choice (TKD, BJJ, Gymnastics, or Ninja Trix) with the ability to switch programs at any time if your child wants to try something new (additional classes can be added on for a small fee).
  • Ten (10) months (approximately, based on the public school calendar) of pick-up and care after school every day, which includes a snack.
  • Two (2) weeks of 2021 summer camp (if you sign up for full summer camp for 2021 you will receive a two week credit off of your total enrollment).
  • One (1) free uniform, if applicable (returning students can redeem this at any time during the school year).
  • In the event that school is closed temporarily or permanently, you will get priority sign-up and discounted rates for day camps due to school closure.
  • You will also receive priority sign-up and discounted rates on all regular school break day camps.

We are currently enrolling full time elementary only. We will open up part time enrollment closer to the start of the school year.

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Tavia Harrison (Mrs. Harrison) oversees all kids programming at The Brick, as well as runs all administration and marketing. While she no longer leads the events directly, she is always around and active with our students, campers, and parents.

Tori Payne (Miss Tori) has been with The Brick since we began children’s programs, and has done a million different jobs at The Brick. She coordinates our children’s programming, planning all the fun activities that kids do when they are here. She’s also usually the first voice you hear when you call us. She is studying psychology at the College of Coastal Georgia.

Mary Jo Brickmeier (Miss MJ) joined our 2020 summer camping program this year and has continued with us in our PUP program, and she is an awesome addition to our team. She brings several years of experience working in her church’s daycare program.

Morgan Prosser (Miss Morgan) has worked in our camping program for four years, and this is her first year joining our afternoon program. She also teaches our Performance Cheer class. She is studying to be a nurse anesthetist at the College of Coastal Georgia.

Anna Williams (Miss Anna) is a two year student in both our TKD and BJJ programs and also works in our summer camping program. This is her first year working in our afternoon program. She is a senior at Glynn Academy.