What does it mean to send your child to The Brick after school? It means a positive difference in your child from day one.

Boys building a tall block castle.

We are not a daycare.  We are not a babysitter.  We are a first and foremost an Academy. We teach athletic skills along with character building and self-discipline. We are a martial arts school, tumbling school, and kids fitness program, that also happens to offer after school pick-up. We are The Brick and we are helping to build kids strong.

We are not just a place to go for your child to kill when school gets out.  This is a commitment to a robust year-long program of growth for your child.We offer activities that provide structure, teach discipline, and build confidence, as well as create athleticism and fitness in your child while instilling the necessary character traits they need to succeed in life.  

We have spent close to 9 years in our community building kids up and being part of the village that raises them.Sending your child to The Brick is sending them into a close knit, supportive family that will lift them up and make them stronger – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.It’s a big commitment, from you and from us, but it’s one you won’t regret making and one we take very seriously. There is no other program like ours in Glynn County.

Our fun and close-knit program consists of transportation (by van or school bus) to our facility, a snack, class time, and character building under the watchful eye of a dedicated and caring staff.

We offer pick up from Oglethorpe Point Elementary, St. Simons Christian School, and Frederica Academy. We have a bus drop off from St. Simons Elementary and Glynn Middle School.

Because we are a small program, we have limited space, especially at Oglethorpe Point Elementary. Enroll quickly, because space is running out.

Click the link below to read through our updated handbook, which contains all of the information regarding our program. Then click the next link that will take you to the registration page.

Please note: we are currently enrolling for full time; please check back closer to school starting for part time enrollment.

2019-2020 Afternoon Program Handbook

Registration Link